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November 2018

In this fall edition, we look at the link between retirement and depression, ask if Freedom 55 still exists, and start a series about pension protests and how they have shaped pensions. Plus, we explore the effects of Canada’s aging population on the national health care system and examine what retirement debt looks like.

June 2018

This edition explores the changing dynamics of the retirement world. From a book written in the 70’s to today’s evolving family demographics, how will these changes influence the pension landscape?

November 2017

In this version we consider the work of three experts on the impact of aging on our financial literacy skills. We also explore the impact of sex and gender on defined benefit plans.

June 2017

In this issue we provide an overview of the Pension Corporation’s first trustee education event, review Elizabeth J. Shilton’s book Empty Promises: Why Workplace Pension Law Doesn’t Deliver Pensions and explore sex and gender and how they impact defined benefit plans. We hope you enjoy the newsletter.

December 2016 (pdf)

This edition focuses on an increasingly popular yet controversial pension reform: increasing the retirement age. Does it work? Do older workers stay employed longer? And how are other benefit programs affected? These are some of the questions we tackle. Additionally, we bring you insights into longevity trends, seniors’ concerns—or lack thereof—over leaving an inheritance and the latest savings plan figures.

June 2016 (pdf)

This edition continues the theme of retirement preparedness from the previous newsletter and looks at how would-be retirees’ expectations stack up against actual experiences. Additionally, we ponder marketing strategies in plan member communications, different perspectives on the decision to retire and how to work better with age. New to this edition is a book review.

January 2016 (pdf)

This edition tackles a highly contested topic: are Canadians saving enough for retirement? Additionally, we look at data to expose retirement myths and financial literacy gaps, and compare pension fund importance relative to size of economy.

June 2015 (pdf)

This issue’s feature article adds some ammunition to the explosive debate on pension freedoms that allow plan members to unlock pension funds. Additionally, we scan data from an annual global retirement survey, as well as demystify the relationship between pension liabilities and credit ratings.

December 2014 (pdf)

In our feature article, “Move Over Freedom 55,” we look at the growing trend of continuing to work late in life, a topic that kept coming up at the conferences I attended this year. Here, we take a magnifying glass to the trend’s possible implications.